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HELM AG and Protergium announce the growth of their strategic partnership

Visita HELM a Protergium

HELM AG and Protergium announce the growth of their strategic partnership. The two companies have signed an agreement to expand their successful alliance from Argentina to Mexico. The partnership between Protergium and HELM allows HELM to access alternative crop protection products in selected regions, underlining both companies’ commitment to sustainable agriculture by providing innovative solutions that respond to growing market needs.

Together, the two companies have developed a broad portfolio of biological crop protection solutions, marketed in Argentina since 2021. Under this recent collaboration agreement, Protergium is committed to providing distribution rights to HELM de México SA with a innovative bionematicide designed for the treatment of emblematic crops in Mexico, such as pepper and tomato.

Adrian Rovetto, Director of Protergium, concludes: “Thanks to this fruitful alliance, we can provide innovative technologies to the world’s largest producer groups, with solutions that address environmental care, food quality and safety, and productivity.” .

Holger Berg, Global New Business Manager at HELM, underlines that agricultural innovations are transforming the sector: “Farmers are adapting to new technologies and value innovations. The partnership with Protergium provides access to organic alternatives to conventional agricultural products. crop protection and is another important step towards our HELM2030 strategy, as organics have a better environmental profile and less impact on natural habitats.”