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The science behind Protergium®

Soybean Protergium

Our product portfolio focuses on two distinctive development platforms:

Biologicos protergium


We concentrate on the Investigation and development of microbial consortia as control agents biological and stimulants
of plant growth.

Biotecnology protergium


We specialize in use of proteins and peptides to develop phytovaccines that strengthen the system immunological plants, as well as bioprotectors for pest control.

At Protergium®, we are dedicated to creating new innovative technologies and strategies to enhance the growth and protection of crops. Our focus is on the development of biosolutions designed to protect, stimulate and improve the nutritional health of plants. Our products offer direct benefits to both farmers and consumers, while making a positive contribution to the environment.
We develop highly effective and selective products.
We offer a range of solutions including:

bioinsectida Protergium




bioestimulantes Protergium




Biofungicied Protergium


bioinsectida Protergium




bioestimulantes Protergium




Biofungicied Protergium


Factors driving the use of bioinputs

1 Increase in demand for products for food security: Growing concern about Food safety drives demand for products that ensure the quality and safety of the food we consume.

3 Increased regulation in the use of health products chemical synthesis for food safety: increasing regulation on the use of chemicals in agriculture drives the search for more alternatives safe and sustainable, such as bioinputs.

1 Aumento de la demanda por productos para la
seguridad alimentaria:
 La creciente preocupación por
la seguridad alimentaria impulsa la demanda de productos que aseguren la calidad y la inocuidad de los alimentos que consumimos.

2 Necesidad de garantizar la seguridad de los alimentos mediante prácticas sostenibles: En un mundo donde la sostenibilidad es cada vez más importante, los bioinsumos ofrecen una alternativa para proteger los cultivos de manera  responsable y respetuosa con el medio ambiente.

2 Need to ensure food safety through sustainable practices:  In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, bio-inputs offer an alternative to protect crops in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

4 Continuous advice to improve good agricultural practices: Continuous advice on good agricultural practices helps farmers optimize the use of bioinputs and adopt more efficient and environmentally friendly cultivation methods.

3 Aumento de la regulación en el uso de productos de
síntesis química para la seguridad alimentaria:
creciente regulación sobre el uso de productos químicos
en la agricultura impulsa la búsqueda de alternativas más
seguras y sostenibles, como los bioinsumos.

4 Asesoría continua para mejorar en buenas prácticas agrícolas: La asesoría continua en buenas prácticas agrícolas ayuda a los agricultores a optimizar el uso de bioinsumos y a adoptar métodos de cultivo más eficientes y respetuosos con el medio ambiente.



We are exploring new frontiers in agriculture to bring you the best in crop protection and performance. They allow us to further validate and optimize our solutions.



Validating biological tools for both extensive and intensive crops.

At Protergium®, we are committed to excellence and innovation in all our operations, including our field tests. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and optimize our products to meet the changing needs of our customers and the broader agricultural market.

Protergium® in numbers: Field tests

At Protergium®, we pride ourselves on backing our products with solid evidence of their effectiveness in the field.
We conduct extensive field testing to ensure our solutions meet the highest standards of performance and quality. Here’s a look at our recent field tests:

Number of tests performed
We have carried out more than 80 field tests in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, USA and Europe in different climatic conditions to evaluate the effectiveness of our products on a variety of crops.

Evaluated crops
Our field tests have covered a wide range of crops, including soybeans, wheat, barley, corn, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes, vines, etc., which allows us to adapt our solutions to the specific needs of each one.

Results obtained
The results of our field tests have been consistently positive, demonstrating improvement significant in average yields of 30% in different crops and pest control, as an example  Tuta absoluta (tomato), Cercspora sojina (soybean), Meloidogyne incognita (potatoes).

We have collaborated with farmers, researchers and other stakeholders in conducting our field trials, allowing us to gain a comprehensive perspective and ensure the relevance and applicability of our products.