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Products that improve Agricultural Productivity and Crop Quality moving towards Sustainable Agriculture

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At Protergium, we are dedicated to leading the transformation towards sustainable and competitive agriculture by providing innovative and environmentally friendly biosolutions.
We are committed to offering products that improve soil health, crop quality and food security. We seek to promote a harmonious balance between agricultural production, maximizing profitability without compromising the conservation of the natural environment.

Protergium vision


Our vision is to be global leaders in the development and application of advanced technologies for sustainable agriculture. We aspire to be pioneers in the use of smart biomolecules and in promoting agricultural practices that maximize productivity in a responsible and ethical manner. We seek a future where agriculture is an engine of economic, social and environmentally sustainable growth in a natural environment.

Protergium values


Environmental commitment
We strive to be environmentally friendly in
all our operations and promote practices that preserve and regenerate natural resources.

Nature-based innovation
We value and take advantage of the natural mechanisms of plants to develop effective agricultural solutions and
respectful with the  environment.

Soil care
We recognize the fundamental importance of soil as basis for agricultural production and we are committed to protecting their health and fertility.

Quality and efficiency
We constantly seek to improve the quality of crops with the least possible impact, offering products and services that meet the highest standards of effectiveness and safety.

Social responsability
We are committed to contributing to the well-being of farming communities by promoting sustainable practices and support for food security.

Continuous advice
We provide ongoing advice and support to our clients, promoting good agricultural practices and collaborating in the constant improvement of its operations.

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