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Where Agriculture is enhanced with Innovative and Sustainable Biosolutions


Explore our Smart Biomolecules, an advanced solution that protects and enhances your crops. By applying them preventively during their cycle, these molecules awaken the natural immunity of plants, protecting them against pathogens and diseases, and reducing their impact.



We are exploring new frontiers in agriculture to bring you the best in crop protection and performance. They allow us to further validate and optimize our solutions.



Validating biological tools for both extensive and intensive crops.

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Why choose our Bioinputs?

In a world increasingly concerned about security food, we provide an effective solution and sustainable. We are committed to ensuring food safety through agricultural practices responsible.
In a context of greater regulation on the use of chemical products, our natural solutions stand out for their effectiveness and their respect for the environment.
Additionally, our team offers ongoing advice to promote the implementation of good practices agricultural and maximize the productivity of your crops.

Join the sustainable agriculture revolution with

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¿Por qué elegir nuestros Bioinsumos?

En un mundo cada vez más preocupado por la seguridad
alimentaria, proporcionamos una solución efectiva y
sostenible. Nos  comprometemos a garantizar la seguridad de los alimentos mediante prácticas agrícolas
En un contexto de mayor regulación sobre el uso de
productos químicos, nuestras soluciones naturales sobresalen por su eficacia y su respeto por el medio ambiente.
Además, nuestro equipo ofrece asesoramiento continuo
para impulsar la  implementación de buenas prácticas agrícolas y maximizar la productividad de tus cultivos.

¡Únete a la revolución de la agricultura sostenible con Protergium!

Our experience: Innovation in the Product Development Phase

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Investigation and development

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Formulation and Production

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  • Isolation and identification of active ingredients.
  • Screening of target biological activities.
  • Development of the culture medium and product formulation.
  • Optimization of the formulation, development of productive conditions.
  • Productive scaling and final product.
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