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Innobio Protergium soybean: an innovative and 100% biological solution for cultivation

Innobio Protergium soybean: an innovative and 100% biological solution for cultivation

It is the first product resulting from a partnership between Helm and Protergium. Innobio Protergium Soybean is the first 100% biological product for soybean seed treatment, composed of a unique microbial consortium in the market that stimulates the growth and development of the crop together with its fungal action, plus a specific inoculant for this crop. It will be available for the soybean campaign that is already beginning.

Protergium, the leading biotechnology company from Rosario, together with HELM Argentina, a global leader in crop protection with more than 120 years of experience and German technology (certified by ISO 9001 Standard for its Integral Management System quality), launched today Innobio Protergium Soybean: the first biostimulant for seed treatment and fungicide action combining a consortium of microorganisms, differentiating it from other products in the market.
Innobio Protergium Soybean offers a seed treatment composed of Innobio Protergium Terra, a microbial consortium between a bacterium and a fungus (Bacillus velezensis T2 and Trichoderma harzianum TH10), and Innobio Protergium N-Fix, a specific inoculant (Bradyrhizobium japonicum), unique in the market. The synergy between both microorganisms improves the growth, adaptation, and survival of the crop under biotic and abiotic stress conditions.
It is 100% sustainable: it does not generate waste and also reduces carbon emissions. This product is the result of the effort of Protergium’s R&D, which required four years of development and more than 60 lots of field trials.

This product also facilitates the solubilization and absorption of nutrients through the excretion of extracellular enzymes that transform organic compounds into inorganic ones. It can compete effectively for the colonization of the rhizosphere, preventing pathogens from interacting with plant roots. At the same time, it activates the plants’ natural defense mechanisms, preventing pathogen advance and producing diffusible and volatile metabolites with activity for the control of pathogenic fungi of soil and seed. These distinctive characteristics of both microorganisms are combined in a single formulation to achieve maximum potential for growth promotion and fungi control.
“We are proud to present this product that we have been working on for months, intending to offer a solution that contributes to yield but also helps to protect the environment,” said Mauro Edalian, general manager of HELM Argentina.

Adrián Rovetto, the founder of Protergium, added that “this launch makes years of research a reality and is a clear example of how our innovation strategy can generate effective and sustainable biotechnological alternatives for growers.”

Since 2003, HELM Argentina ( has been leading the crop protection products segment, consisting of Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, and Seed Treatment, and has its team of scientists in Germany and America who invest their efforts in R&D of new products and formulations adapted to the needs of the market.